Mustang mini loader

We carry out service and repairs on your Mustang mini loader as well.

Mustang loader for agriculture and entrepreneurs

At AE Maskiner ApS in Randers SV, Denmark, we offer a Mustang mini loader to farmers, entrepreneurs/contractors and construction workers in all of Denmark. We carry out service and repair on you Mustang mini loader.


Skid steer or Mustang mini loader

We have been selling Mustang since 2013 and we have Mustang mini loaders at a net. weight of 1,7000 to 5,543 kg. for sale.

We always have several new models in stock and we can deliver the mini loaders all over the country, but you are also welcome to stop by our sales department. 

We have our own workshop and spare parts department, where we receive parts several times a day. This means that we can repair your machinery with short notice.  The spare parts are of course at competitive prices.

The Mustang company started with a minor machine production in Minnesota, USA in the 19’th century. They were among the first to start building skid steer loaders in the 1960’s. The production of Mustang machines is still going strong in the USA, even though the company has been purchased by the French company; Manitou Group. Today, they specialize in skate and tire-controlled mini loaders, and a mini loader from Mustang is especially suitable for agriculture and garden/park area.


Give us a call to learn more about our machines

You are always very welcome to contact us or stop by on our sales department if you are searching for a Mustang mini loader, a used excavator or other agricultural machines. We are also willing to prepare a non-binding offer on a loader.

Give us a call on telephone: + 45 86 48 76 16,

or e-mail: [email protected]