We negotiate JST

Professional machine accessories from JST

At AE Maskiner ApS we are proud to offer high-quality machine equipment from the Danish manufacturer JST. With their 15 years of experience, their equipment is characterized by its high quality and long durability, when buying one of their products, you are guaranteed a shovel, coupler or similar tools for your machine that is of high quality.


100% Danish products

Every product from JST are produced at their own factory, therefor no foreign departments or subcontractors have been part of the process from raw materials to finished products. In addition, the majority of JST machines are CNC-controlled and the constant development in this industry where automation and technology are gaining popularity, the machines are closely monitored to keep up with the latest modern products.


Opportunities – No restrictions

Just as we at AE Maskiner try to see all tasks as an affordable challenge, JST focuses on options instead of limitations. That's why we find JST a competent and knowledgeable partner. The company's facilities in production are continuously expanded, which means that you can order the tools and shovels that you need on request.


Want to learn/hear more?

If you would like to hear more about our negotiation of JST tools, please contact our skilled employees on telephone: + 45 86 48 76 16 or by e-mail: [email protected] Our staff have the skills to help you find the JST products that suits you, so you will receive a high-quality product.